Sending or Selling Food to the USA? By law , You always need a FDA Prior Notice doc before the shipment enters the U.S. to avoid abandonment, returns or delays. So in short - you always need a Prior Notice document before the shipment enter the United States.

A confirmation of "Prior Notice" declaration must accompany each shipment of food or beverage before it enters the United States . Regardless of the final use ( sample , exhibition or personal consumption ) and regardless of the consignee and shipper ( C2C , B2C , B2B , private , individual or company ) and regardless of whether the value of the shipment is less than the de minimis limit ($800).

On we offer simple solutions: US FDA Prior Notice, Classification of a product, Prior notice creation on a web and via API, http call back tests, monitoring of a systems health and statystics and check prior status easy.

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