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Enjoy truly conscious reggae music

The lyrics in these songs comes from Vedas even if they are singed in a chill out reggae. It has been known that chanting these songs triggers higher consciousness so helps to stimulate the body energy centers called chakras. Different energy centers helps in the smooth functioning of different body organs and sometimes even a whole life.

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 Ghada Yaich      eLouise     Molarah     Fatima Ezzahra     Chelsea Muller     Jo Elle     Valentina Iela     Veronika Lebetskaya     Music Melodiz     Glow Ria      Sunheart     Kadiji     Mila.Akilah     Queen Kara     Ninti Ate     Just The Queen     MelodicMimi      Radiant Monique      Wilmary Music     Jo Elle     Moonshine     Afrodija     Stayre     Gianna Juliet     Yahesa Guav     Valerie Nuqui      Queen Izyunda      Savirapp       Flavia       Selli      $istah Hi~ProsE      Queen Nyas     

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