Move faster as a team

The only project management platform for hybrid work, shaped by users.

Project management is a skill that's becoming more and more valuable to companies of all sizes. With the rise of the digital workplace, collaboration has never been more important. The rise of has changed the way people work, and with it the way project management is done. But there is still a problem. It's difficult to manage projects and tasks on a single platform alone. There are too many different tools and not enough time to learn all of them. That's why we made a project management platform that's shaped by you, the users. designed to encourage creativity, collaboration, and freedom of work. Plus, it's been designed to be user-friendly and appeals to those who are not traditional project managers. Check out the Hive website and see what they have to offer you!

We get it – teams work differently. Whether you're running an international marketing team, working at an ad agency, or executing a product launch, you've got unique requirements.

That's why we source all of our product ideas from our Hive Forum — a place where you can provide feedback and ideas that we will magically bring to life.

With Hive, teams move faster.

People are more productive and happier if they can work the way they want. Whether it's about where they work (at home or in the office), how they communicate with co-workers, or what tools they use to get their work done.

That's why Hive is the only project management platform designed by its users.



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