A very unique music project has addressed the nation and taken over the music platforms. The Best Milky and Juicy Female Reggae Collection has released their debut album on November, 2020. Their first album is now available on all major digital music streaming platforms. 

The Best Milky and Juicy Female Reggae Collection is a creative female collaboration project  produced by music producer Martins Ate from Black Sea Records that creates a combination of family duties and female role in the society through music. Album includes 15 promising reggae artists from all around the world including countries like Jamaica, Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan and even Italy featuring such artist names as Fatima Ezzahra, Stayre, Elouise, Moonshine, Valerie Nuque, and Afrodija. 

The most special thing about these female reggae artists is their image and brand, which is very simple, but special – Milky & Juicy. They don't reveal their solo albums yet but this release is a must have piece of music for every female reggae lover. Will they reveal their albums in the future? This is a question that has not been answered yet, but following their music - you will definitely be able to find out. 

If you listen to their work, then you can clearly hear that music is their calling. It's not just a hobby - it's something special. They love to do it. Listen to their debut singles and see for yourself – see music a little below! 

The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae Collection I is compilation of 15 female reggae artists from around the world including countries like Jamaica, Mexico, Brasil, USA and Indonesia. Fatima Ezzahra sings a song about being a lovely servant to her husband not a slave and explaining the difference in attitude - for the harmony of marriage. 

We all hope they will definitely have new discography and music additions from this promising and talented group of upcoming female reggae stars. All you have to do is support the new group and keep your thumbs up so that they can succeed. 

We offer to listen to the song "My King" by the Jahesa Guav, as well as invite you to follow the profiles of musicians' social networks. It will be able to support new talents, as well as it will be easier and more convenient to learn about the progress of the music group and their upcoming songs in the future. In the reference we have added a link to the musicians' social media profile - go and follow it right now!